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The Tribute Area

Tribute to Them was launched in February 2008 and its goal is to help people who have lost someone close to them whether a friend, family member, or a much loved pet.

A user has a choice to whether they post a written Tribute, that can be added to by friends and family, or to simply light a candle to remember that someone.

The unique service we provide in the form of a Tribute site, allows users to celebrate the life of someone close to them and also the happy memories, that life can bring.

Tribute to Them will always remain free to users who wish to create an everlasting memory, we rely on users becoming part of our online community for the site to stay online and active, and so we need as many people to register on Tribute to Them as possible.

That way the memories will be everlasting, as described in our logo "Let their memory Live, Forever!"

Thank you

Antony James
Tribute to Them founder and administrator